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Xbox – Series X|S / OneBest Adventure Games

Recommendations from the Adventure Gamers staff

The next generation of consoles is here, and with it comes a new wave of adventure games to play. From the latest releases to classics that have been given a next-gen makeover, there's something for everyone. From heart-pounding action-adventure games to more relaxed puzzle games, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, if you're looking for your next big adventure, check out our list of the best adventure games for Xbox Series X|S and One!


Best Action Adventure Games for Xbox


There are a ton of great action adventure games out there for Xbox Series X|S and One, but which ones are the best? Here's a list of our favorites:


  1. Assassin's Creed Valhalla: If you're looking for an epic Viking adventure, look no further than Assassin's Creed Valhalla. This game has it all: intense combat, beautiful scenery, and a rich story.
  2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: One of the best RPG experiences you can have on Xbox is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. With its massive open world, deep character customization, and challenging enemies, this game will keep you busy for hours on end.
  3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Another excellent action adventure game is Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This one takes you to South America where you'll battle fierce foes and uncover ancient mysteries.
  4. God of War: One of the most celebrated games in recent years is God of War. This entry in the series takes Kratos to Scandinavia where he faces off against Norse gods and monsters.


Best Puzzle Adventure Game for Xbox


Looking for the best puzzle adventure game for your Xbox Series X|S or One? Look no further than The Room, developed by Fireproof Games. The Room is a puzzle game that tasks players with solving a series of increasingly complex puzzles in order to progress. The game features beautiful graphics and an immersive soundtrack that enhances the gameplay experience. With its intriguing storyline and challenging puzzles, The Room is a must-play for any fan of puzzle adventure games.


Another recommendation is The Talos Principle. This game tasks you with solving a variety of puzzles while also exploring a beautiful and fascinating world. It's not an easy game by any means, but it's definitely one of the most rewarding adventure games out there.


Finally, if you want an adventure game that's heavy on the story, try out Life is Strange. This episodic game follows the story of Max Caulfield, a girl with the power to manipulate time. It's an emotional roller coaster of a ride, and one of the best adventure games on any platform.


Best peripherals to play on Xbox


When it comes to gaming, everyone has their own preferences. Some people like to go all-in with the most powerful console on the market, while others prefer a more affordable option that still has plenty of great games to choose from. And then there are those who just want to have as much fun as possible, regardless of the cost.


If you fall into the latter category, then you're in luck – there are plenty of great adventure games available for Xbox Series X|S and One. And to help you make the most of your gaming experience, we've put together a list of the best peripherals to use with these consoles.


First up is the HORI Fighting Stick Alpha. This handy peripheral turns your Xbox into a bona fide arcade machine, complete with an authentic joystick and buttons. It's great for playing classic arcade games or even modern titles that support it.


If you're looking for something a little more versatile, then the HORI Fighting Commander controller is worth checking out. It's designed specifically for fighting games, but it can also be used for other genres such as platformers and shooters. It features four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, and a directional pad, so you'll have everything you need to take down your opponents.


Secondly, you will need a headset so you can chat with your friends and other gamers online. There are many different headsets available, so it is worth doing some research to find one that is comfortable and has good sound quality. We recommend the Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma, as it is comfortable to wear, has great sound quality, and is very affordable.


Thirdly, you will need a capture card if you want to record your gameplay or stream it online. The Elgato Game Capture HD60 S+ is our top pick, as it is easy to use, has great 1080p60 recording quality, and comes with a free copy of OBS Studio software.


And last but not least, you will need a gaming TV so you can enjoy your games in the best possible quality. We recommend the Samsung QLED TV, as it offers excellent picture quality, low input lag for gaming, and comes with a built-in stand that makes it easy to set up.


Finally, if you want to take your gaming to the next level, then you'll need a gaming chair. The X Rocker Pro Series H3 is our top pick, as it's comfortable, stylish, and comes with a built-in audio system. It's the perfect way to relax after a long day of gaming.


We hope you enjoy our list of the best adventure games for Xbox Series X|S and One. Whether you're looking for a new game to play or just want to relive some classics, there's something on this list for everyone. So, grab your controller and get ready for some adventure!

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Xbox – Series X|S / One

The Talos Principle 2 (2023)

The Talos Principle 2 Box Cover

The Talos Principle 2 is a complex puzzle game with an equally multifaceted but engaging narrative featuring rational and religious undertones. There are a couple of control issues, and the unorthodoxy of certain puzzles may be too challenging for some players. This point may also be compounded by the game’s length, which can take 35 hours if only dealing with the main content, with side content adding several additional hours. Still, this is a gorgeous game well worth experiencing and an invigorating treat for puzzle game enthusiasts or philosophy majors.

The Invincible (2023)

The Invincible Box Cover

The Invincible is a successful experiment in bringing a novel to life via the medium of gaming. With compelling dialogue and meaningful narrative, it’s an adventure in every sense of the word, as you trek across a beautiful planet to uncover its mysteries.

DREDGE (2023)

DREDGE Box Cover

DREDGE is a one-of-a-kind fishing game with an interesting premise that keeps players engaged throughout. Though its ending leaves something to be desired, DREDGE shines in its ability to create an enveloping atmosphere through its appealing art, well-composed music, and entertaining gameplay.

The Isle Tide Hotel (2023)

The Isle Tide Hotel Box Cover

Wales Interactive has crafted a cleverly told tale within The Isle Tide Hotel. The mystery and choice-based scenarios blend deftly and promote multiple playthroughs, with the full-motion cinematography and performances adding to the experience.

Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The London Case Box Cover

Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The London Case is an engrossing mystery brought to life by realistic graphics, well-executed music, and stellar voice acting.

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GYLT (2023)

GYLT Box Cover

GYLT is an atmospheric, beginner-friendly horror experience that channels classic tropes of the genre, but experienced players might need more to sink their teeth into.

Star Trek: Resurgence (2023)

Star Trek: Resurgence Box Cover

Star Trek: Resurgence is a brilliant game that successfully recaptures the spirit of the classic shows. The former Telltale developers, Dramatic Labs, effectively update the formula to bring variety and ensure that adventurers are consistently engrossed. If you are a Trekkie or have enjoyed games made by Telltale, definitely put this on your gaming to-do list.

Amnesia: The Bunker (2023)

Amnesia: The Bunker Box Cover

Amnesia: The Bunker is another Frictional Games classic, pitting players against a truly terrifying foe while providing immersive elements that are constantly engaging. While the AI can leave a bit to be desired, the atmosphere and story will keep players on their toes.

Figment 2: Creed Valley (2023)

Figment 2: Creed Valley Box Cover

Figment 2: Creed Valley is a wonderfully designed game, combining plot and music in such a harmonious way and featuring creative puzzle-solving and combat. It is an absolute gem that every action-adventure gamer should try.

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Unusual Findings (2022)

Unusual Findings Box Cover

Unusual Findings is a clever tribute to ‘80s pop culture; a fun, creative story brought to life by well-executed graphics, interface, and voice acting.

Return to Monkey Island (2022)

Return to Monkey Island Box Cover

Return to Monkey Island is a fantastic addition to the series and a great game in its own right. If you’re a Guybrush Threepwood fan or want to revisit the high point of adventures past and present, you owe it to yourself to come back to Monkey Island.

South of the Circle (2022)

South of the Circle Box Cover

Although it gives the false impression of being a “choices matter” game, South of the Circle is still an excellent narrative experience for those who enjoy games without puzzles. Even if the ending might be disappointing, the stunning graphics and fantastic soundtrack make it a game worth playing.

BROK the InvestiGator (2022)

BROK the InvestiGator Box Cover

BROK the InvestiGator is a bold and explosive burst of 90s nostalgia that plumb the depths of the adventure game genre for its best ideas and piles them, one on top of the other, for an unforgettable thrill ride. While it may slightly disappoint as an action game or a playable cartoon, it may just earn a place in the graphic adventure game canon.

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The Last Cube (2022)

The Last Cube Box Cover

Although rough around the edges in the story department, The Last Cube hits where it counts: fun powers used to solve clever logic puzzles in intriguing sci-fi environments.

We Were Here Forever (2022)

We Were Here Forever Box Cover

Though its puzzles are not quite as sharp as its predecessors’, We Were Here Forever provides plenty of co-op fun and finally delves into what’s happening in the world.

Born Punk (2022)

Born Punk Box Cover

Born Punk is an outstanding game; an engrossing story brought to life by well-executed graphics, music, interface, and voice acting.

Catie in MeowmeowLand (2022)

Catie in MeowmeowLand Box Cover

Although a bit repetitive and not very challenging, Catie in MeowmeowLand serves up a delightful and whimsical game experience which gives you a well-deserved escape from reality.

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit Box Cover

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit is an excellent game with an engrossing story brought to life by well-executed graphics, music, interface, and voice acting.

FAR: Changing Tides (2022)

FAR: Changing Tides Box Cover

A hybrid of platforming, puzzle-solving, and systems management, FAR: Changing Tides is a visually stunning vehicle-based adventure that exceeds its predecessor in creating an intriguing post-apocalyptic world with light but engaging challenges while also giving you plenty of slower moments to drink in the sights.

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space – Remastered (2021)

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space – Remastered Box Cover

With classic zaniness and puzzle solving and updated production values, Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space marries the best of the old with the new in this modern remaster.

The Plane Effect (2021)

The Plane Effect Box Cover

The Plane Effect is a well-crafted surreal and atmospheric experience with philosophical undertones. While not perfect (though not too far from it), it is heartily recommended.

Hermitage: Strange Case Files Box Cover

Despite some shaky puzzle mechanics, Hermitage: Strange Case Files is a compelling Lovecraftian visual novel horror anthology that’s well worth your time if you have even a passing interest in creepy creatures or cosmic terrors.

Time Loader (2021)

Time Loader Box Cover

Side-scrolling through a suburban household as a tiny robot in Time Loader provides an immensely satisfying environmental puzzle-platforming experience that more than makes up for the weak endings.

Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View (2021)

Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View Box Cover

Conway is a linear, tight investigative mystery that despite some flaws tells a compelling story and is worth seeing through to its strong conclusion.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One (2021)

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Box Cover

While Chapter One can be a little too cumbersome and lacking in logic at times, young Sherlock’s investigation into the many mysteries on Cordona Island provides more than ample breadth and depth for any armchair detective.

Life Is Strange: True Colors (2021)

Life Is Strange: True Colors Box Cover

Life Is Strange: True Colors paints a pretty picture, creating a story you’ll really want to invest in, with only a slow plot point or two distracting from what is otherwise a great work of art.

Unbound: Worlds Apart (2021)

Unbound: Worlds Apart Box Cover

While its story never really soars, Unbound: Worlds Apart presents a brilliant and elegant Metroidvania type of gameplay that challenges both the mind and the reflexes. It’s perhaps a bit too twitchy for your diehard adventure gamer, but anyone who can handle a little action with their puzzles will fall in love with the beautiful art style and fun, finely tuned gameplay here.

Lake (2021)

Lake Box Cover

Lake is, like the waves that break on its rural American Northwest shore, soothing and peacefully regular in its routine, making it ideal for those seeking a break from a hectic life.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes (2021)

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes Box Cover

House of Ashes proves that even an annual anthology release that’s so iterative in its gameplay mechanics can still evolve in significant ways. The changes evident here, and perhaps the developer’s maturation in storytelling, result in what may be the series’ strongest entry yet.

Tandem: A Tale of Shadows Box Cover

It could use a stronger pairing of story and gameplay, but Tandem: A Tale of Shadows is a cleverly conceived puzzle-platformer stuffed full of dual-character, double-dimension obstacles to overcome.

Myst (2021) (2021)

Myst (2021) Box Cover

If you are a Myst fan who has played one or all the previous iterations, this is by far the best version yet and deserves your attention with or without the supported VR hardware. If you are one of the few adventure game fans new to the series, you are in for a real treat, though be forewarned that all the same divisively esoteric design elements remain from the original.

Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases Box Cover

By emphasizing the connections between suspects, Hercule Poirot: The First Cases’ focus on deduction board gameplay nicely suits Agatha Christie’s famed Belgian detective and challenges your own little grey cells.

Omno (2021)

Omno Box Cover

Far more action-oriented than a traditional point-and-click, Omno feels like a true “adventure” in the literal sense, offering a jaw-dropping journey of enlightenment that is sure to brighten any gamer’s day.

Last Stop (2021)

Last Stop Box Cover

There isn’t much in the way of actual gameplay or player agency, but anyone who enjoys a highly interactive story will certainly want to add Last Stop to their gaming library.

Onirike (2021)

Onirike Box Cover

It won’t deliver enough puzzle challenge or story depth to fully satisfy adventure game purists, but for fans of 3D platformers, the beautifully surreal Onirike serves up a pleasant helping of running, jumping, and exploring through dreamlike, Burton-esque worlds.

Operation: Tango (2021)

Operation: Tango Box Cover

Operation: Tango provides such a fun series of asymmetric spy action to share with a friend that it’s a shame it ends way too soon.

The Forgotten City (2021)

The Forgotten City Box Cover

Uniformly excellent writing, acting, and audio-visual presentation of an ancient Roman city and its imminently doomed citizens make The Forgotten City a mystery well worth solving—and the clever time-looping mechanics make your investigation a lot of fun.

Almost My Floor (2021)

Almost My Floor Box Cover

Almost My Floor tells an interesting two-pronged horror/detective story with bold comic-book-style artwork and a mix of point-and-click puzzle solving, investigation, and timed action sequences that all work together extremely well.

Minute of Islands (2021)

Minute of Islands Box Cover

Minute of Islands is a beautiful, unflinching game about the power to save what you hold dear and the responsibility that comes with it. Its breathtaking visual style, moving story and intensely affecting presentation add up to a one-of-a-kind puzzle-platforming experience.

Lacuna (2021)

Lacuna Box Cover

Lacuna is a wonderfully tense hard-boiled story set in a gorgeous jazzpunk future. Its mysteries will make you work for the answers, and will even let you fail, but either way the payoff is a sense of accomplishment that few other narrative puzzlers provide.

I Saw Black Clouds (2021)

I Saw Black Clouds Box Cover

I Saw Black Clouds is an entertaining psychological FMV thriller where player choice actually makes a significant difference in how the story plays out. While its production values are modest and puzzles are non-existent, the solid acting, short playthrough length, intriguing mystery, and high replayability will likely keep players coming back for more.

Backbone (2021)

Backbone Box Cover

Part noir thriller, part rumination on the human condition, and part ... something else, Backbone is stylish through and through, presenting more questions than answers but brimming with vibrantly realised characters.

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins (2021)

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins Box Cover

Although the titular character is disappointingly all but absent from the affair, fans of Petronella Osgood and the Weeping Angels should enjoy this voyeuristic journey through the misplaced phone of a series extra in Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins.

Genesis Noir (2021)

Genesis Noir Box Cover

Genesis Noir’s gorgeous graphics may be mostly in black and white, but its cosmic journey through Earth’s past is anything but, though at times it’s a little too convoluted to be as ingenious as it could have been.

Mundaun (2021)

Mundaun Box Cover

Mundaun is a gripping and unique horror adventure with an immersive portrayal of rural Switzerland and a distinctive visual presentation that only gets more uncanny the longer you look at it.

The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark Box Cover

With the same charming aesthetic and just as many laughs and quirky paranormal phenomena as the first season, The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark is definitely worth playing for the comedically inclined.

Paradise Lost (2021)

Paradise Lost Box Cover

Dripping with atmosphere, the sights and sounds of a lost end-of-the-world Nazi installation make up for a lack of interaction in Paradise Lost.

Voyage (2021) (2021)

Voyage (2021) Box Cover

Though its short play time is almost devoid of challenge and occasionally suffers from pacing issues, Voyage is an enjoyable one- or two-player cinematic side-scrolling experience with an intriguingly cryptic story told through its lovely animated visuals.

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The Fall: Part 2 - Unbound
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A Fold Apart
Football Game
Forgotton Anne
The Gardens Between
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The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk
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Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love
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Nine Witches: Family Disruption
Oniria Crimes
Outer Wilds
Paradise Killer
Path to Mnemosyne
Sam & Max Save the World – Remastered
Sea of Solitude
Shady Part of Me
The Shapeshifting Detective
The Sinking City
The Sojourn
Solo: Islands of the Heart
Sumatra: Fate of Yandi
Tangle Tower
Tell Me Why
Telling Lies
The Walking Dead: The Final Season
We Were Here Together
Welcome to Elk
Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest
When the Past Was Around

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