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Adventure Games for Virtual Reality

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Latest reviews for VR adventure games

Last Labyrinth

review Last Labyrinth

This trap-filled VR thriller will tempt you with the allure of interesting puzzles, but there's no escaping the tedium of its head-tracking mechanics and laborious pace.


review Wanderer

Time is on your side in this clever and alluring sci-fi-VR puzzler, whose chief drawback is frequent backtracking.

Tale of the Fragmented Star

review Tale of the Fragmented Star

Look but don't touch this thoroughly dismal VR puzzler whose only means of interaction is head-tracking.

Demo round-up for Steam Next Fest 2022

feature Demo round-up for Steam Next Fest 2022

Adventure awaits again on Steam, as the latest showcase festival of top upcoming games is underway, running to the end of February.

Demo round-up for The Big Adventure Event 2022

preview Demo round-up for The Big Adventure Event 2022

We've gathered up dozens of adventure demos on Steam this week, which is no small feat as the genre takes center stage for the next few days.

Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual!

review Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual!

The Freelance Police are back and in fine humour, but this short, uninspired minigame-driven VR experience feels like a bit of a cop-out.


review Maskmaker

Prepare to face some excessive narration, but this creative body-swapping fantasy adventure is an otherwise wonderfully immersive VR experience.

Five Top Upcoming Adventure Games in April 2021

video preview Five Top Upcoming Adventure Games in April 2021

April will be showering some great new adventures on us, and our monthly trailer compilation is here so you don't need to fumble around to find them.


review Transference

Would that this atmospheric sci-fi drama were the revolutionary advancement it promised to be, but it's still a moving, polished psychological thriller.

A Fisherman's Tale

review A Fisherman's Tale

This charming VR exclusive shines like a beacon of originality with its clever worlds-within-worlds premise and associated lighthouse puzzles.

Down the Rabbit Hole

review Down the Rabbit Hole

There's not much story to unearth, but this charming little VR adventure is worth digging into for an original take on Lewis Carroll's Wonderland.

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