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Under a Rock: The Dodo’s Role in Open-World Survival

In the upcoming open-world survival craft game, Under a Rock, players can expect a vibrant and mysterious island filled with secrets to discover and exotic creatures to befriend. One of the most iconic creatures in the game, the Dodo, is far from being just another prey. In the world of Under a Rock, these multicolored, flightless birds prove to be one of the most helpful animals to encounter.

The Dodo, with its bright and bold plumage, is easy to spot in the various biomes of the game. However, catching them might prove to be a challenge due to their skittish nature. Players must approach these birds with caution and patience. Once tamed, Dodos become the fastest mount in the game, helping players traverse through the tropical forests, sandy beaches, and potentially treacherous plains of Under a Rock with ease. The Dodos in the game also have the unique ability to glide and drift, enabling players to soar through the air.

Under a Rock is not just about taming and riding creatures. The game also features procedural world generation, ensuring that no two playthroughs are the same. Players will need to stay vigilant as a once-safe base could be riddled with danger the next time around. The game also encourages players to fight, tame, breed, and ride various creatures, or develop cooking skills for nourishment and other benefits to survive the diverse biomes, curses, diseases, and forces of nature.

Under a Rock also boasts a character creator, offering a variety of customization options, and supports co-op multiplayer for up to 10 players. The game is currently under development for Windows PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

Check out Under a Rock on Steam.

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