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Serum: Survival’s Green Elixir Unveiled at Steam Next Fest

SERUM, the new survival adventure game developed by Game Island and published by Toplitz Productions, is set to offer a playable demo at Steam Next Fest starting Feb 5th. This highly-anticipated game stands out with its unique game mechanic focused on a mysterious green elixir, the serum itself. As the clock ticks down, players must secure their next dose of the serum before time runs out.

SERUM is a first-person survival adventure game that immerses players in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a catastrophic event known as the Blight. The lifeline in this dystopian setting is the serum, a vital liquid that can prolong your existence, amplify abilities, and enhance a hand-crafted arsenal of weaponry. However, survival is not guaranteed. Players must craft different serums, fight dangerous mutated creatures, solve intriguing puzzles, and find a way to escape the perilous situation they find themselves in... or die trying.

The Steam Next Fest demo will provide players with their first hands-on experience of SERUM. It will test their survival instincts, melee, and combat skills as they traverse a world forever altered. In this world of destruction and dereliction, resilience becomes paramount.

SERUM is available for pre-registration for early access on Steam.

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