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Pine Hearts: A narrative adventure beckons from a Scottish Park

The enchanting narrative adventure Pine Hearts is ready to take you on a heart-touching journey through a vibrant Scottish park filled with puzzles, memories, and cute secrets. The game is a love letter from Creative Director Rob Madden, inspired by his personal experiences of loss and hope. The game is set to be part of the Steam Next Fest, allowing players to experience the demo from February 5th to 12th.

Pine Hearts is brought to us by the publishing label Little Nook, a part of Hyper Luminal Games. The game is described as a refuge for those who have encountered loss and seeks to provide a wholesome space for players to unwind and relive fond memories. The picturesque Caravan Park, the setting of the game, awaits your exploration as you step into the shoes of the character Tyke. You'll embark on an adventure to unravel a whimsical tale while discovering secrets and unlocking new paths.

The demo of Pine Hearts promises to introduce players to Tyke and the start of his journey in the Pine Hearts Caravan Park. Players will get the chance to explore the first region of the game. The game (demo) is available on Steam as part of the Next Fest.

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