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Of Two Minds: A psychoanalytic journey into the 80s

Of Two Minds, a psychoanalytic Full Motion Video (FMV) game, is now available on iOS. This unique game was created using actual footage shot in 1989 and immerses players in the role of a psychoanalyst, exploring the minds of a group of New Yorkers in the 80s.

This FMV game is a product of Burgeon & Flourish, and puts players in the psychoanalyst's chair to delve into the psyches of a cast of flawed, human, contradictory, and vulnerable characters set in the vibrant New York of the late 80s. Players are tasked with discovering and connecting topics and ideas within their thoughts and memories. This free-association approach, based on psychoanalytic concepts, gradually unveils more of the story as players fill in the gaps, digging deeper into the characters' obsessions, secrets, and histories.

Of Two Minds is a game 35 years in the making. The journey began in 1989 when international award-winning film director Michael Bergmann, founder of Burgeon & Flourish, shot more than three hours of fiction about the intensity of two psychoanalysts' love affair. Fast forward 30 years, this footage was adapted into the nonlinear narrative game Of Two Minds in a creative collaboration with game designer and composer Lucas Tahiruzzaman Syed.

As psychoanalysis faded from the mainstream landscape, replaced by drug-based therapies and faster methods, Bergmann became obsessed with preserving and popularizing some of its most exciting ideas. These ideas, which can transform a human life, are now encapsulated in the game.

You can watch the trailer here:

Of Two Minds is an FMV game that truly takes you back to the 80s. The game places you in the mindset of a psychoanalyst, diving into the psyche of a network of characters in the gritty but vibrant New York of the late 80s. Each new memory you discover requires you to connect the topics and ideas — Themes — that appear in every video. Working with these Themes will unlock new videos, filling in the gaps in the story as you get to know each character and their motivations. Your deductions and daring leaps of reason and creativity will help you dig deeper into their lives and minds.

Enjoy over three hours of footage not only set but recorded in the 1980s with professional actors, analyze the characters, and experience the 1980s New York in a unique and immersive way.

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