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Walkthrough for Lost Lands 8: Sand Captivity

Lost Lands 8: Sand Captivity

Lost Lands 8 is a single-player detective game with elements of puzzles and hidden objects, developed by Five-BN Games for mobile devices. Players take on the role of a female character named Susan, who is thrust into a series of epic adventures when an artifact found on Earth interferes with her life. The game features dozens of beautiful locations to explore, various mini-games to play, and a captivating cast of characters who may aid the player in completing quests. As the player progresses through the game, they will need to use their detective and puzzle-solving skills to unravel the mystery of the curse affecting the Lost Lands, with the help of the game's inhabitants. The game also includes a hint system that can assist the player in finding difficult items, though it may require in-game currency. The game consists of several tasks, each with a unique objective, and a walkthrough guide is available for players who are new to the game or need help solving puzzles. The game has a main game and a bonus chapter, which can only be accessed after completing the main game.

Task 1 – Find Maaron

To begin your investigation in Lost Lands 8, you first need to find Maaron. To do this, you will need to tap the door. When starting the game, you can accept a tutorial or decline it and rely on your detective and puzzle-solving skills. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Pick up the Gardening Scissors from the left side and add them to your inventory.
  2. Examine the pot in the branches near the house and use the Gardening Scissors to cut away the branches.
  3. Interact with some items and click on the pot to lift it and discover a key.
  4. Select the key from the panel and use it to unlock the door.
  5. Press the door to move between locations.

Task 2 – Find a Rune for the Dolmen

  1. Tap the painting above the fireplace to discover a Gear and read a note nearby.
  2. Please look over the chair near the window, lift the seat to get an Owl, and keep it on your list.
  3. Head to the table, collect a Knife from the spot and keep it on your list.
  4. Tap the window on the right side to discover coals and get them aside to find a Kyoll. Before leaving the spot, don’t forget to collect Colored Glass.
  5. Hit the back button and tap the fish painting on the right side. Use Colored Glass to discover Snakeskin, Poppy Seed, and Pearl.
  6. Examine the fireplace, use the poker to search for the coin, and pick it up from the spot.
  7. Tap the coin to open the zoom view and click on the wire to remove it. After that, tap the rug on the floor and discover a trapdoor.
  8. Use the wire to bring a Detail out from the floor crack near the trapdoor.


  1. Leave the house and hit the back button to search for hidden items outside.
  2. Examine the Tree Stump and discover 2 Puppy Seeds from two different locations.
  3. Tap the birdhouse near the gate and use the Detail to unlock the door, revealing a Promotion Letter, Star, and Gear.
  4. Go to your Panel, select the Coin, and tap it to obtain the second Kyoll.
  5. Tap the gate, use the Knife to remove the cover, and place both gears to start a mini-game.
  6. Solve the puzzle by moving the latches to open the lock's bolt and unlock the gate.
  7. Pass through the gate and tap a boy near the cart to inquire about Maaron.

Task 3 – Help the Halfling

  1. Collect some steps from the stick near the house.
  2. You can pick up the rope from the left side of the pathway and collect grain from the sack on the floor.
  3. Interact with the door and use the lock to open it. Go through the door and offer the grain to the chickens.
  4. Go back into the house and find a note from the nest. Before you leave, you can grab a wheel from the upper shelf.
  5. Use the map to move between locations like the Plains, Academy of Magicians, Fugo Islands, Darkwoods, Centaur Village, and Keremeos.
  6. Repair the wheel by attaching it to the cart, adding the hook, and using a stone to fix it.
  7. Return to the last location and place the steps on the ladder using the rope. Climb the ladder to enter the house and find hidden objects like a hare, compass, and apple.
  8. Once all hidden objects are found, the game adds a needle with thread to your list.
  9. Go to the second location and open the zoom view of the sack. You can use the needle with thread to sew the bag.
  10. Put the sack on the cart to complete the task.
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