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Little Problems: A cozy detective game unveiled

In a delightful turn from the usual grand narratives of immense conflicts and intricate villainy, Playstack and solo developer Posh Cat are thrilled to announce Little Problems, a game that celebrates the more nuanced, relatable side of detective work. This charming title, drawing inspiration from the much-lauded "The Case of the Golden Idol," invites players to unravel mysteries surrounding minor inconveniences, everyday misunderstandings, and, naturally, little problems. Little Problems stands as a comforting alternative within the gaming landscape, enticing players to immerse themselves in a world where detective work revolves around connecting with friends, understanding the minor yet significant issues of daily life, and finding joy in the simplicity of resolution.

This game isn't about saving the world, but about enriching it, solving one little problem at a time. "We're thrilled to bring Little Problems to a broad audience of gamers who appreciate intelligent, detective gameplay within a cozy setting," stated Harvey Elliott, CEO of Playstack. "Little Problems is a testament to Posh Cat's innovative vision, and we believe it will resonate deeply with players seeking a cozy, yet engaging gaming experience, as well as accomplished detectives."

Little Problems is scheduled to launch later this year, with a demo coming soon. Players can wishlist the game on Steam to stay up-to-date on the game's development. 

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