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Introducing Terabbit Studios: unleashing The Last Ark

In the latest gaming news, we have received word from Mat Van Rhoon, a designer behind the multi-award-winning Tex Murphy adventure game series, about his new venture. Rhoon has announced the opening of a new game studio, Terabbit Studios. The studio, staffed by a small collective of passionate individuals, has also announced a new title under development.

Terabbit Studios aims to provide narrative experiences that immerse players in an intricate story. The studio's mission statement reads, "Regardless of the premise, every story can be told in unique ways that invoke a deep reflection about the characters we meet, the choices we make, the consequences we create, or the outcomes we provoke. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression on players and provide an experience that stays with them."

The studio's first game, The Last Ark, is a narrative thriller set in a not-too-distant future where Earth is rapidly descending into a cold, dark, and uninhabitable orphan planet due to a rogue star disrupting the orbital signatures of several planets. In response to this impending disaster, humanity builds nine arks to evacuate 100,000 citizens into space. The arks are managed by the player, who assumes the role of the most sophisticated artificial intelligence ever created, with near-unlimited control over the arks and, by extension, humanity's future.

The gameplay in The Last Ark is based on consequential, choice-driven narrative gameplay. As the AI, players have control over everything on the Arks—their trajectory, life support, communications, critical systems, and more. The AI's objective is to cause as much chaos as possible while avoiding detection and manipulating the ark's inhabitants.

Check out the official announcement and teaser trailer below. The new title promises to deliver a unique and immersive gaming experience that will leave players pondering long after they've stepped away from their controllers.

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