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Walkthrough for Inspector Gadget: Mission 1 - Global Terror!

You're controling Penny (the little girl) or Brain (the dog). You start of as Penny (the neice of the famous

inspector). And here's what you must do:

TALK TO Gadget and he turns on the TV. Then TALK TO Gadget again and he's off.

TALK TO Chief and he tells you about what's going on.

GO TO the city City.

GO TO M.A.D. Castle the HQ of the evil Doctor Claw.

GO TO the side entrence of M.A.D Castle.

Switch to BRAIN

USE the Hat and the Police Uniform.

USE Door and after the M.A.D. agents escapes enter.

USE Door at the top of the screen.

Switch back to PENNY

USE the Magnet on Key (open the blue book and click on the magnet icon).

USE the Key on the Door and free Gadget.

TALK TO Gadget and watch the little cut screen.

Now you are in front of the World map. There's a puzzle in every city and it doesn't matter where you go

first, but you must go to New York as the last choice (after you rescued everybody).

Let's start in Rio:

TALK TO the Gadget robots (talk to the one standing by the car as the last coice).

TALK TO the Gadget and choose: "I don't Understand", "What?", and "I usaully sit in the back..."

After Brain gets to the front seat USE Ejection Seat.

In the garage USE Tool Box.

Now PICK UP Wrench.

Climb on the car - USE Gadgetmobile.

USE Wrench with Rack Lever and get a lift.

USE Door and go to the office.

PICK UP the Key on Desk (next to the file cabinet).

USE Gold Key with Top Left Drawer (On the left-hand filing cabinet).

PICK UP the File.

PICK UP the Key.

USE File and see what Dr. Claw plans next.

USE Blue Key with Top Right Drawer (On the right-hand filing cabinet).

PICK UP the Key.


USE Map and find out where you are.

CALL Brain (Use the BOOK and click on the WATCH icon).

Tell him "Brain, I'm Trapped".

Switch to BRAIN

GO TO City Map

GO TO the Garage

USE Black Wig, Hat and Trench Coat (to dress up as Gadget.

USE Brown Door and go in the garage.

Switch to PENNY

USE Door and stand on the car.

Switch to BRAIN

USE Rack Lever and let Penny down.

Switch to PENNY again.

USE Red Key with the Locker.

PICK UP Gadget Bandsaw.

PICK UP Gadgetmobile Keys.

USE Gadgetmobile Keys with Gadgetmobile (but you're not old enough to drive).

Once you come to the Toothpick factory and talk to Gadget (you're still playing Brain).

Switch to BRAIN

USE Beany Cap, Corn On the Cob and USE T-Shirt.

USE Door and go in the factory.

GO TO the Machine Room.

USE Gadget Bandsaw (USE the BOOK and chose the Gadget icon – a boy playing).

After the succesfully accomplished resque you return to the World Map - go to the bottom left corner of

the screen.

Let's do London next:

TALK TO Gadget.

After Gadget leaves TALK TO Sir Wensley Blowsmoke.

TALK TO the Taxi Driver and choose "I Don't Believe You", "He's an untamed American Wolf"

Again Brain and you are seperated and you USE the Shield.

PICK UP Gadget Binoculars and Gadget Drill.

USE Gadget Drill and geto ut of that tin can.

CALL Brain (USE Book, Penny's WATCH, choose "Brain, I'm trapped").

Switch to BRAIN

USE Bridge.

USE Uniform and Battle Axe.

Switch to PENNY

USE the Door At the Top of the Screen.

USE the lump of Coal laying outside.

GO TO Coal Mine (on the London Map).

TALK TO Gadget.

GIVE Binoculars And Drill to Gadget

Switch to BRAIN after Gdget walks away.

USE Helmet and Gloves

USE the Tunnel.

USE Small Rock on the Wall (The one that looks like a button).

USE Wall and go in the secret room.

USE Gadget Drill (again – by using the boo kand gadget icon).

TALK TO Thomas Chang

USE Door and you'll back to the map again.

OK, let's do Los Angeles next:

TALK TO Gadget

TALK TO Chauffeur and USE Limousine

Once inside USE Stereo, then USE TV and watch Brain escape.

Once trapped in the room USE Cabinet

PICK UP Pliers and Gadget Flashlight

USE Panel and Gadget Flashlight on Panel

USE Pliers on Panel and now you can USE TV

Use BOOK to call brain and say "Brain, I'm Trapped"

Switch to BRAIN

GO TO the Warehouse (on the city Map).

USE Belt, Fishbowl and VCR

Once you look like a robot USE Silver Door and then USE Brown Door

Switch to PENNY

USE Door and PICK UP Burger Boxes, to exit USE Silver Door.

GO TO Los Angeles Map and O'Ronalds

USE Burger Boxes on Trash Can and go in (USE Door).

TALK TO Gadget and GIVE him the Flashlight.

Switch to BRAIN

USE Hat and Smock

USE Door

USE "Sauce Room" Door and after the worker leaves USE the door again

Once you're inside Use GADGET FLASHLIGHT

TALK TO Caroline M'Benga and after Gadget looks in the sauce TALK TO her again

USE Stairs at the airport to return to the World Map.

Let's go to Moscow next:

TALK TO Gadget.

TALK TO Russian Emmisary.

Once in the train TALK TO M.A.D. Agent and say "Could I have a glass of water?"

USE Bench

USE Emergency Break

Switch to BRAIN and USE Window to escape.

Penny is trapped again so USE Cabinet.

PICK UP Gadget Laser Finger and USE it with the Trunk

USE Trunk

PICK UP Poster and EXAMINE Poster

USE (Top Left) Drawer and PICK UP Whip

USE (Bottom Left) Drawer and PICK UP Gadget Skates

CALL Brain (through the Boo kand say "Brain, I'm trapped").

Switch to BRAIN and GO TO Circus on Moscow Map

USE Wig, Nose and Shirt (to dress up as a clown).

USE Snarlov's Door

USE Door

SWITCH to Penny and USE Whip

GO TO Nuke Plant on Moscow City Map

-TALK TO Gadget

GIVE Skates and Laser Finger to Gadget

Switch to BRAIN

USE Hard Hat, Lab Coat and Clip Board

USE Red Building and USE Door

USE Panel

Use BOOK to activate Gadget Laser Finger

USE Door and you're at the World Map again.

Now let's go to Nairoby:

TALK TO Gadget

TALK TO Parlin Merkins and the monkey will grab you.

Once in cage USE Panel

PICK UP Gadget Coat and USE Magnet (in the book) with Control

EXAMINE Box and USE Screwdriver

CALL Brain and say you're trapped

Switch to BRAIN

GO TO Construction site in Nairobi Map

USE Belt and Hard Hat

GO TO Nairobi Map

GO TO Zoo and TALK TO Gadget.

GIVE Gadget Coat to Gadget

Switch to BRAIN

USE Scooper and Coveralls

USE Gate

GO TO Path

USE Gadget Coat (through the book).

TALK TO Brakovsky and after the mission is over USE Door

Hong Kong next:

TALK TO Gadget and PICK UP Banana

Now the dragon will kidnap you and Brain.

USE Banana

Brain escapes and you're trapped again USE Box and USE Trap Door under it.

PICK UP Gadget Umbrella and Seltzer Bottle.


CALL Brain "Brain, I'm trapped"

Switch to BRAIN

GO TO Chinese Junk Restaurant on Hong Kong map

USE Waiter Coat and Towel

USE Door and enter. Then use the Door at the right side (with yellow knob).

USE Far Right Door (with gold door knob).

USE Door and again USE Door to geto ut of the restaurant.

GO TO Hong Kong Map and the Umbrella Factory.

Switch to Penny.

TALK TO Gadget and GIVE Gadget Seltzer Bottle and Umbrella

Switch to BRAIN

USE Bowler, Suit and Brolley

USE Door

USE Door at Top of Screen (without the knob).

USE Gadget Umbrella

GO TO Hong Kong Airport and the World Map.

And at last the UN building in New York:


GO TO Loading Dock

Switch to BRAIN

USE Bandana and Shirt

SWITCH to Penny


Switch to BRAIN

USE Box and USE Door

Once inside Switch to PENNY

PICK UP Antenna, Wire and Battery

USE Cabinet and PICK UP Micro Chip

USE Microchip with Battery

USE Wire with Antenna

USE Directional Unit with Regulator Module

USE Door

PICK UP the Postcard with the face on it, GO TO Hall and USE Postcard with Security Camera to open the


USE Door


GO TO back to Hallway and Lobby

USE Key with Door and USE Door.

USE Closet Door and USE Janitor Suit

Switch to BRAIN and USE Janitor Suit

Switch to PENNY

USE Top Left Desk Drawer

PICK UP Gadget Handcuffs

GO TO Lobby, Hall and USE Door.

GIVE Gadget Handcuffs to Robot Nascimento

Use Door and go to the translation cabins

PICK UP T.V. Remote

USE T.V. Remote with Robot Control Circuit

USE Door and USE Robot Remote

After he falls to pieces PICK UP Gadget Handcuffs

USE Door, USE Headset "Pig Latin" to open secret door, now USE Bookcase

USE Robot Remote

USE Third Button, First Row, USE Second Button, Second Row (to turn off robots).

USE Lever to open the gate, USE Lever to smash the Robor and USE Lever to open the gate again.

GO TO Dr. Claw's Lair and TALK TO Dr. Claw

GIVE Gadget Handcuffs to Gadget and USE them (throught the Book).

After Dr. Claw escapes USE the centre control pannel to see »The End« and enjoy the moral at the end of

the story.

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