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Heartworm: the nostalgic nightmare awaits

Heartworm is a highly anticipated low-fi survival horror game, set to bring the nightmares of the '90s back to life. The game is being published by DreadXP, a well-known horror games publisher, and developed by independent developer Vincent Adinolfi. Drawing inspiration from '90s genre classics like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Dino Crisis, Heartworm is sure to please lovers of retro psychological survival horror games. Here's the new trailer:

Adinolfi's creation is a nostalgia-wrapped nightmare with a compelling narrative that explores themes of grief and obsession. The game is further enhanced by a haunting soundtrack, surreal visuals, and pre-rendered cutscenes. While it pays homage to old-school survival horror, Heartworm also incorporates modern design improvements, making it accessible to new-school fans as well. The game is set to be released on Windows PC in 2025, but a demo is currently available on Steam.

The story of Heartworm revolves around Sam, a girl battling grief and otherworldly manifestations that might hold the key to the afterlife. Sam's obsession with the deaths of those closest to her leads her to a mysterious house in the mountains, rumored to have a connection to the afterlife. The house is said to have never returned anyone who has visited it. Whether this is merely internet folklore or a genuine gateway to the afterlife is something that players will have to discover themselves when Heartworm releases in 2025.

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